Blue Cross Blue Shield Georgia: New payment options for Marketplace plans

15 Oct , 2015,
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Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia has launched a new program for current Individual members already using WebPay to pay their monthly premiums. The new program lets them enroll in automatic, recurring payments with a Visa or MasterCard debit or credit card.View You Quote

This program has been proved effective and popular during a six-month pilot program in other states. As a result of its success, BCBS-GA is now offering it in Georgia. That means current Individual clients can now set up recurring debit or credit card payments for their ACA-compliant health care plans from their Account Summary page on the WebPay portal.

To get started, members will click the Enroll Automatic Payment button when they sign into WebPay. Members are automatically directed to WebPay when they click the Pay My Bill Online feature on If members have questions or need help, they can call the customer service number listed on their member ID card.

Other payment methods, like bank draft and one-time debit or credit card payments, will continue to be processed as usual on the WebPay portal. Also, there are no changes to pay-by-phone options.

EFT vs. recurring credit card payments
Members should keep in mind a few things as they consider their payment options. Setting up a recurring payment using EFT (electronic fund transfer or bank draft) means the premium is paid automatically each month from the member’s bank account. Usually, this requires very little follow-up maintenance on the member’s part.

When using recurring credit card payments, the member must make sure the card’s expiration date or other account information stays updated. For example, when the card’s number changes or if the card gets lost or stolen, the member must take action to make sure premiums get paid on time.



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